About Our Pancreatic Cancer Support Group

Focused On The Wellness of Patients

Shock. Anxiety. Anger. Fear. Complete disbelief. No one can imagine the distress of being told he or she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Most people do not know the functions of the pancreas yet alone that it claims the worst survival rate of all cancers and is the most difficult to treat.

Becoming a member of our pancreatic cancer support group is a way pancreatic cancer patients can interact with other patients who have walked the same paths and already have first-hand experiences coping with pancreatic cancer. Talking with other patients about their experiences while sharing your own will reduce stress.

Our pancreatic cancer support group moderators are pancreatic patients and will often be assisted by highly acclaimed medical experts specializing in pancreatic cancer. Medical professionals will frequently lead specific topics of special interest that will enhance the overall wellness of each patient.

The support meetings are held virtually online. Any special topic discussions led by our medical partners will always be announced ahead of time. Open forum discussions will occur at every monthly session and will include what to expect during and after treatments, how to manage side effects and how to improve communication with healthcare providers.

Support group members will have extended memberships in our Facebook Group Forum where all members can participate in open discussions and with questions and answers. Our Facebook Group Forum is available every day, 24/7. Monthly virtual sessions combined with our Facebook Group promotes a sense of control leading to positive outlook on how to cope with pancreatic cancer.

Welcome Aboard.


Kay Kays, Lead Moderator
A 28-Year Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

The Support Group is a service of the Seena Magowitz Foundation
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